The Latest…

Things with the book are progressing just as I’d hoped. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback, and I’ve developed some plans for the future that I’d like to share…

First: I’m not going to do a lot of posting through Facebook. I’ll mainly update readers through the website and Twitter. I’d love to add some followers so if you’re on Twitter (and you like dinos and cowboys) follow me at Sam@DinoTerritory.

Second: After some research, I lowered the ebook price by a dollar. If you bought at the higher price, please contact me and I’ll make it up to you (song, dance, juggling show, whatever you want…). Find the book at Amazon. 8.99 paperback, 4.99 ebook, 5 stars! Get one for a friend.

Three: The Decatur Book Festival is coming up at the end of summer, and I plan to be there. There’s an interesting program for emerging writers, and I look forward to participating.

Three things is enough for now… If you’re looking for a dinosaur movie this summer, there’s one coming out called Jurassic Something and there’s another one called Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs (straight to video).  I think of it as proof of concept. They set it in the wrong time and forgot to include kids as the main characters, otherwise I’m sure it’s great! Just like my book!

Thanks again for your interest!



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