Book Fest Follow Up


It’s been over a month since the Decatur Book Festival, and I’ve just now found the time to post about it. It was a blast! I saw a lot of great authors. My kids particularly enjoyed seeing the author and illustrator of I Will Chomp You (Jory John and Bob Shea). The emerging authors also all gave engaging and interesting presentations. Below are some more pictures from my little section of the Emerging Authors tent (all of the photos are courtesy of Jason Crawley, who was very generous to take a share these with me):

DecaturBook15-10I also met a number of engaging vendors, clubs and publishers. Some services I liked were Blue Harvest Creative and I had a good conversation with Bob Babcock of Deeds Publishing and several authors at the Atlanta Writer’s Club. I plan to follow up with all of these folks.

Another highlight was the VIP party. A good friend let me and my wife come to the party as her guests. I won’t say much about all of the VIPs that we met, but I will say that briefly–briefly!–we were sitting at the same table as Decatur’s mayor. The mayor!

All in all, the Book Festival was a valuable experience. The really remarkable thing is that this HUGE festival was just a short bike ride from my house. Here’s a link to the festival’s site. Running this huge event takes a lot of money and volunteer effort. Check out the site if you’re interested in contributing. DecaturBook15-14

Here’s a final picture of me about to be attacked by a stick-wielding fan (actually it’s Jason Crawley’s son).  Don’t worry. Jason’s wife, Sherry, is there to protect me.

I’ll follow up with more news from the Territory soon. Thanks for your interest.



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