Paintings of female cowboys offer a feminist view of the Wild West

I came across this artist at Creative Boom. Felice House paints stunning images of these Wild West women. The one below might be my favorite. These ladies look tough. The one on the left looks mighty suspicious. The one on the right looks like she’s ready to chew up and spit out whatever trouble might be in front of her. Great character inspiration!



From Creative Boom

When imagining the Wild West, you’d think of boots and spurs, bars with sawdust covered floors, and dusty shootouts between cowboys? Right? Well think again.

Leeds College of Art kicks off a new year of exhibitions with a selection of works by American artist Felice House; featuring paintings of famous western actors such as Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Gary Cooper and James Dean, reimagined as female cowboys.

Re/Western features seven large-scale portraits taken from iconic scenes from the western genre, but with the leading characters repainted as women. By projecting contemporary women into these heroic roles, House asks us to take a critical view of gender stereotypes and the access of women to power.

Read more at Creative Boom.


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