Gooey Dinosaur Tissue Discovered!

Alright, I’m not sure if the tissue was actually gooey or not. But this is still a pretty amazing discovery!


From Forbes

Image credit: Mary Schweitzer, provided by NC State

Paleontologists Discover Traces Of 80-Million-Year-Old Collagen In A Dinosaur Bone

Shaena Montanari

Not so long ago, finding traces of organic biomolecules in any fossil over about one million years old was thought to be an insurmountable challenge. Paleontologists never thought to look at dinosaur bones as a source of either DNA or protein sequences.

While short the half-life of DNA means it may be out of reach in dinosaurs, pioneering work by North Carolina State professor of biology Mary Schweitzer showed that protein sequences, in fact, are not. In 2009 she was able to detect proteins in an 80-million-year-old dinosaur called Brachylophosaurus canadensis, and now this find has been corroborated in a new paper lead by North Carolina State postdoctoral researcher Elena Schroeter in the Journal of Proteome Research.

Read more at Forbes.



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