Stomping Down Under

The picture below makes me wonder how a Dinosaur Dundee character might react to the discovery… “That’s not a stomp-print… THAT’S a stomp-print.”


From Inhabitat:


World’s largest dinosaur footprint found in Australia’s “Jurassic Park

A team of researchers just discovered the world’s largest dinosaur footprint in an area they’re calling “Australia’s Jurassic Park.” The massive sauropod footprint was discovered near James Price Point in Western Australia, and it measures almost five feet nine inches long. A team of University of Queensland and James Cook University researchers ultimately recorded 21 different kinds of dinosaur tracks in rocks ranging from 127 to 140 million years old – including the only confirmed evidence that the stegosaurus once roamed the continent.

Read more at Inhabitat. (While you’re at it you should follow Inhabitat. They’re always posting interesting stuff.)





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