February Update!

Quick update! I’ve lately focused on preparing a 2nd edition to Dinosaurs of the Unwinnable West. Here’s an updated cover that I’m toying with. The edition will also have all new illustrations and some other minor revisions. My aim is to release it in May.

I also want to plug a writing podcast that I’ve really benefited from: Start With This! I’ve joined its Patreon, and I’m sharing my Start With This writing assignments there. Check it out! @StartThisPod, http://www.nightvalepresents.com/startwiththis 


New Game Available!

As promised! There’s a new Dinosaur Territory Adventure. This time it’s a tabletop game! Scoundrels versus Murder Lizards, a new game from True Territory Games and Dinosaur Territory Adventures*…

One by one the Scoundrels betrayed each other… Typical! Now it’s every Scoundrel for himself as they race to tame the DINOSAURS! Escape with the tamed brutes and claim the bounty from National Western Enterprises before the other Scoundrels to win! But watch out for those teeth, horns, and stomping feet. They ain’t called murder lizards for nothing! Only $18.99. 

Find Scoundrels versus Murder Lizards along side other True Territory Games at TheGameCrafter.com

Find all other Dinosaur Territory Adventures at DinosaurTerritory.com or on Amazon.

Also check out the other titles from True Territory Games!


*Collaboration was easy. Both Dinosaur Territory Adventures and True Territory Games happen to be in the same one-man shop… 

Tabletop Game Later this Month!

Exciting news! For the first time, a Dinosaur Territory Adventure can be played on your tabletop. In the new game, Scoundrels versus Murder Lizards, you’re a Scoundrel sent to the Territory to tame dinos. But other Scoundrels are in the mix too. Be the first to make it out with the creatures in tow to WIN! But watch out! The dinos can fight back…

We’re still play-testing it and working out promotion material, but the game should be available at the end of the month. In the meantime, check out some other games I’ve made at theGameCrafter.com.

If novels and short stories are still your thing, always find Dinosaur Territory Adventures here. If you’ve read any of the adventures or played any of the old games, please leave a review. Thanks!


Check Out the Guide!

The Guide for Westward Travelers is now here! If you’re feeling lost, go to DinosaurTerritory.com and navigate to the Guide. There you’ll find info about the people, places, and events that shape Dinosaur Territory!

As always, find Dinosaur Territory Adventures here. If you’ve read any of the adventures, please leave a review. It really helps reach new readers. Stay well!


Westward Guide Coming Soon…

Things have been weird lately, and we all are in need of a good guide… Later this month I’ll add a new feature to dinosaurterritory.com: a Guide for the Westward Traveler. It’ll feature a Record of Important Events, a Survey of Notable Locales, and a Register of Curious Folk. It’s meant to help anyone new to the Territory get their bearings.

In the meantime, check out the latest book: the Journeys of Matilda Crockett. Leave a review for this or any other Dinosaur Territory Adventure on Amazon. It’s a huge help for finding new readers. Hope you’re all staying well.


Available Now!

The new Dinosaur Territory Adventure is finally available. Find it here.

Please share with anyone interested in adventuring through a strange and treacherous vision of the American Frontier! Follow Dinosaur Territory Adventures for something new every February, May, August, and November…



A new DINOSAUR TERRITORY ADVENTURE is on the way! The new story puts you in the action as you choose Matilda’s path through a dangerous new land…

The Journeys of Matilda Crockett will be available in just a couple of weeks! More info to come! Follow DinosaurTerritory.com through FB, twitter, and the website to ensure you’re up-to-date on all of the action. New stories arrive quarterly.


Now Available: Three Tales From Over The Nine-Nine

Great news! A new Dinosaur Territory short story is ready for your e-reader! Perfect for enjoying over the long Thanksgiving break…

Three Tales from Over the Nine-Nine

A greed-fueled trek deep into the frontier. A fish tale, a tall tale, and a voyage through a strange new sea. An act of mutiny on the Line of Containment. These are the tales from over the Nine-Nine, the 99th meridian, west of which you’ll find DINOSAURS on the prowl!

E-book available for $0.99 at: Amazon

Say… Speaking of Thanksgiving. Ever wonder what Thanksgiving is like in the Territory?*

Here’s a little taste from the the Right-O Eatery’s special Thanksgiving menu:

Poached ptero eggs
Spice fern au gratin
Pine nut fry bread
Pickled swamptails
Smashed ginger-tubers
Slow-roasted trike hatchling ribs
One-sixteenth plodicus neck, tub-fried in stego oil
And of course… pumpkin pie

The adults may enjoy this meal with Marty’s own Bloody Mary recipe. Add a squeeze of sauropod tick for extra bold flavor.



*The menu is not at all related to the new short story.

New Look at Dinosaur Territory

Things have been under construction in the Territory… The website has a new look, a new logo, and new adventures are on the way!

Gone are the “news” blog post and the cheesy WordPress ads. Now the site will be a platform for new Dinosaur Territory Adventures only. They’ll arrive quarterly: November, February, May, and August.

The adventures might be free or they might cost a little money. Either way, the site will offer a healthy sample of the tales and some promos for folks that sign the mailing list.

Up next…

Look for this month’s adventure soon, which I expect will be available in a couple of weeks.