The Latest Adventure

Three Tales from over the Nine-Nine

Ever wonder when the dinos first appeared in the West? Or what lives in the Laramie Sea? Or who built the Line of Containment?

Look for this new story Mid-November 2019!

Other Books and Short Stories

Dinosaurs of the Unwinnable West

The first venture into the Territory… Hutch, a young entrepreneur on the run from his dead father’s debts, flees into the new territory with a stego convoy. He soon joins Wendy, an explorer from Washington, D.C. Together they adventure into the wilds of Dinosaur Territory!

Paperback available for $8.99 at: Amazon or Barnes and Noble

E-book available for $0.99 at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or Smashwords

Lassiter and the Renegades of Sunk Mesa

With the bundle of Jefferson League papers, Dinosaur Territory’s most notorious bounty hunter has what he needs to avenge his sister’s death. But a chance run-in with a pack of outlaws throws his plans off course.

E-book available for $0.99 at: Amazon

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