You’ve ventured…

…into a Wild, Savage, and even PRIMORDIAL vision of the American West where an ambush from an allosaurus is just as likely as a saloon hall gunfight!

What happened to the old buffalo herds and wolf packs, folks ain’t quite sure. Dinos of all shapes and sizes roam the prairies now—if prairies you can call ‘em. Despite the changes, you’ll still find Indian, immigrant, and everyone else just trying to make a living. In that way, Dinosaur Territory ain’t too much different from the land that you call home.

From the Journeys of Matilda Crockett, a what-will-you-do? Dinosaur Territory Adventure

So take a page from this ever-growing collection of Dinosaur Territory Adventures and find out how the inhabitants of this land make their way. Who knows, you might find a nugget or two among the words worth bringing home.

New stories arrive in the months of February, May, August, and November. Some are free and some ain’t.

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