New Game Available!

As promised! There’s a new Dinosaur Territory Adventure. This time it’s a tabletop game! Scoundrels versus Murder Lizards, a new game from True Territory Games and Dinosaur Territory Adventures*…

One by one the Scoundrels betrayed each other… Typical! Now it’s every Scoundrel for himself as they race to tame the DINOSAURS! Escape with the tamed brutes and claim the bounty from National Western Enterprises before the other Scoundrels to win! But watch out for those teeth, horns, and stomping feet. They ain’t called murder lizards for nothing! Only $18.99. 

Find Scoundrels versus Murder Lizards along side other True Territory Games at

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Also check out the other titles from True Territory Games!


*Collaboration was easy. Both Dinosaur Territory Adventures and True Territory Games happen to be in the same one-man shop… 

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