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It’s not related to Dinosaur Territory, but I wanted to let people know about a game I just launched on Kickstarter…

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Thanks for your interest!


Oh, if you’re wondering if there will ever be another Dinosaur Territory Adventure, worry no more! There will be one. I think it’s about a half a year away from being done…


A True Life Space-Western-Dinosaur Mashup!

Now this story has it all… It’s a Western (modern day and Canadian, but still…), it has dinosaurs, and it involves Martian exploration! 

U of S Students accidentally find dinosaur bones at Mars rover competition

Matthew Olson

The team had been working with surveyors and paleontologists from the Midlands Provincial Park near Drumheller to prepare their selected area for the competition when they came across some interesting-looking rocks.


Team president Danno Peters said he couldn’t believe it when the surveyors ended up confirming they were real dinosaur bones.

“‘This is awesome, but too bad we can’t use this area now,’ ” he recalls thinking.

Peters was part of the group that chose the provincial park at Drumheller for the most “Mars-like” setting possible for the rover competition after considering the badlands in Saskatchewan and a few other possible locations.

Read more at the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

Free Book for Summer Reading!

image1Summer break is almost here and that means SUMMER READING! Sometimes it’s hot, you’re out of water balloons, the dog ate all of your popsicles, and you have nothing to do…

That’s when you reach for a rip-roaring story about dinosaurs, cowboys, and the perils of cross-country travel. I put some FREE copies of Dinosaurs of the Unwinnable West in this the Little Free Library, but from today to May 16th you can download a FREE copy from the good folks at Amazon.

Now clean up after that dog!


Research and a Free Library of Ebooks!

800px-Davy_Crockett_by_William_Henry_Huddle,_1889Which former U.S. Congressman traveled to the front line of the Texas Independence movement with a bee hunter, a juggler, and an aging sea pirate?

Why it’s that buck-skinned pioneer Davy Crockett, of course!

These are facts of history that you just can’t make up. Thanks to my eight-year-old, I’ve learned a lot about Mr. Crockett. It’s inspired me to research and work on a new Dinosaur Territory project involving the man who describes himself as “half-horse, half-alligator, and a little touched with the snapping turtle”.

From one of my favorite websites, Project Gutenberg, I’ve enjoyed a richly detailed biography of the King of the Wild Frontier for no cost to download:

David Crockett: His Life and Adventures by John S. C. Abbott

The biography has some antiquated language and a some old-fashioned ways of thinking, but otherwise it’s a good adventure tale that’s wrapped in the facts of an incredible American life. So check it out! Best for ages 12 and up. It’s FREE!

Also check out the other offerings on Project Gutenberg. Tons of free downloads. All of the literary classics are there. Plus, fun stuff too.

Looking forward to telling you more about the Crocket project. Coming soon!


Stomping Down Under

The picture below makes me wonder how a Dinosaur Dundee character might react to the discovery… “That’s not a stomp-print… THAT’S a stomp-print.”


From Inhabitat:


World’s largest dinosaur footprint found in Australia’s “Jurassic Park

A team of researchers just discovered the world’s largest dinosaur footprint in an area they’re calling “Australia’s Jurassic Park.” The massive sauropod footprint was discovered near James Price Point in Western Australia, and it measures almost five feet nine inches long. A team of University of Queensland and James Cook University researchers ultimately recorded 21 different kinds of dinosaur tracks in rocks ranging from 127 to 140 million years old – including the only confirmed evidence that the stegosaurus once roamed the continent.

Read more at Inhabitat. (While you’re at it you should follow Inhabitat. They’re always posting interesting stuff.)