A True Life Space-Western-Dinosaur Mashup!

Now this story has it all… It’s a Western (modern day and Canadian, but still…), it has dinosaurs, and it involves Martian exploration!  From the Saskatoon Star Phoenix U of S Students accidentally find dinosaur bones at Mars rover competition Matthew Olson The team had been working with surveyors and paleontologists from the Midlands Provincial […]

Stomping Down Under

The picture below makes me wonder how a Dinosaur Dundee character might react to the discovery… “That’s not a stomp-print… THAT’S a stomp-print.” -Sam From Inhabitat: World’s largest dinosaur footprint found in Australia’s “Jurassic Park Lacy Cooke A team of researchers just discovered the world’s largest dinosaur footprint in an area they’re calling “Australia’s Jurassic Park.” […]

Sample: Lassiter and the Renegades of Sunk Mesa

Looks like I’ll be able to release the Lassiter short story at the end of the month. In the meantime, here’s a sample from the middle of the story. From Lassiter and the Renegades of Sunk Mesa: Lassiter jerked from sleep as the blare of a hadrosaur call sounded in the distance. He scrambled up […]

Gooey Dinosaur Tissue Discovered!

Alright, I’m not sure if the tissue was actually gooey or not. But this is still a pretty amazing discovery! -Sam From Forbes Paleontologists Discover Traces Of 80-Million-Year-Old Collagen In A Dinosaur Bone Shaena Montanari Not so long ago, finding traces of organic biomolecules in any fossil over about one million years old was thought […]