February Update!

Quick update! I’ve lately focused on preparing a 2nd edition to Dinosaurs of the Unwinnable West. Here’s an updated cover that I’m toying with. The edition will also have all new illustrations and some other minor revisions. My aim is to release it in May. I also want to plug a writing podcast that I’ve reallyContinue reading “February Update!”

New Game Available!

As promised! There’s a new Dinosaur Territory Adventure. This time it’s a tabletop game! Scoundrels versus Murder Lizards, a new game from True Territory Games and Dinosaur Territory Adventures*… One by one the Scoundrels betrayed each other… Typical! Now it’s every Scoundrel for himself as they race to tame the DINOSAURS! Escape with the tamedContinue reading “New Game Available!”

Check Out the Guide!

The Guide for Westward Travelers is now here! If you’re feeling lost, go to DinosaurTerritory.com and navigate to the Guide. There you’ll find info about the people, places, events that shape Dinosaur Territory.

Available Now!

The new Dinosaur Territory Adventure is finally available. Find it here. Please share with anyone interested in adventuring through a strange and treacherous vision of the American Frontier! Follow Dinosaur Territory Adventures for something new every February, May, August, and November… -Sam

Now Available: Three Tales From Over The Nine-Nine

Great news! A new Dinosaur Territory short story is ready for your e-reader! Perfect for enjoying over the long Thanksgiving break… Three Tales from Over the Nine-Nine A greed-fueled trek deep into the frontier. A fish tale, a tall tale, and a voyage through a strange new sea. An act of mutiny on the LineContinue reading “Now Available: Three Tales From Over The Nine-Nine”