Now Available: Three Tales From Over The Nine-Nine

Great news! A new Dinosaur Territory short story is ready for your e-reader! Perfect for enjoying over the long Thanksgiving break…

Three Tales from Over the Nine-Nine

A greed-fueled trek deep into the frontier. A fish tale, a tall tale, and a voyage through a strange new sea. An act of mutiny on the Line of Containment. These are the tales from over the Nine-Nine, the 99th meridian, west of which you’ll find DINOSAURS on the prowl!

E-book available for $0.99 at: Amazon

Say… Speaking of Thanksgiving. Ever wonder what Thanksgiving is like in the Territory?*

Here’s a little taste from the the Right-O Eatery’s special Thanksgiving menu:

Poached ptero eggs
Spice fern au gratin
Pine nut fry bread
Pickled swamptails
Smashed ginger-tubers
Slow-roasted trike hatchling ribs
One-sixteenth plodicus neck, tub-fried in stego oil
And of course… pumpkin pie

The adults may enjoy this meal with Marty’s own Bloody Mary recipe. Add a squeeze of sauropod tick for extra bold flavor.



*The menu is not at all related to the new short story.

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