What is Dinosaur Territory?

This is the first entry and, if you’ve stumbled into Dinosaur Territory, you might look here to find out what it’s all about.

Basically, this is a site to promote stories written by me about Dinosaur Territory. If you don’t already know, Dinosaur Territory (the fictional place, not this site) is a part of the United States’ western frontier. Early in the 1800s unfamiliar creatures and plants began to appear. After a few decades they took over. Before the Civil War, they had completely replaced the plant and animal life west of the 99th meridian (excluding a sliver along the west coast). These creatures–I’ll bet you’ve already guessed–were dinosaurs. Because of the danger, the War Department took over responsibility of the area, and Dinosaur Territory was created (legally, by Congress). People, being the enterprising creatures that they are, began to populate Dinosaur Territory, and what you get is a land bigger than Western Europe where  lots of exciting things can happen (dinosaurs + cowboys = exciting things*).

At this site, I’ll post progress about Dinosaur Territory stories and books in development. I also plan to include references to  real news about Dinosaurs and the historical Old West. Feel free to use this site to contact me about Dinosaur Territory. I’d love to hear from you.



*This is a very basic formula, though not very well known.

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